onsite production

Onsite production

Minimum of heat-input gives perfect shapes

Tanks constructed on site are build with the CoilBuilding system. This system has a lot of profits compared to others. It is a ‘from the top downwards’ method. This means that construction starts with the top part of the tank including roof. Following the tank is jacked and one by one new rings are ‘turned’ under. It is a very efficient system and tanks can be build in a very economic way. The quality is equal to tanks fabricated indoor and is of highest standard. The welding technnologies are GTAW at the most.


  • economic way of building tanks because of short production time with only 2 operators.
  • No use of scaffolding for erection of tanks.
  • Minimum use of cranes for erection of tanks.
  • Perfect quality by minimum heat imput. There is only one vertical weld per ring.
    Besides no clamps are welded to the shell for jacking the tank and forming a new ring.
    All this gives a perfect shape.

The succes of the system is proven by license contracts signed with companies in Denmark, USA and Brasil.

The execution on site of pickling and passivating treatment in open air is a matter of good workmanship. Condition of the material and wheather circumstances influence the results in flexibel ways. The jobs executed by Oostwouder give good prove of this workmanship.


  • Diameters from 4 to 15 m.
  • Shell heights up to 24 m.
  • Max. weight 80 tonns
  • Open-top tanks
  • Tanks on skirt
  • Tanks on concrete bottom
  • Cone roofs
  • Dome-roofs
  • Cone-bottoms
  • Sloped bottoms