Coil building

CoilBuilding: the best way for economical tankproduction on site

A coil is unwound, straigthened and rolled to the desired tank radius by a vertically positioned decoiling/ straightening machine, developed for the purpose. The rolled sheet is led over travelling wheels, which have special chromium hardened faces. The travelling wheel assemblies are mounted on purpose build lift-units set at the required tank diameter.

When the sheet has reached the correct circumference it is cut and the ends are welded together.
Than the first ring is lifted to exactly the height of one shell ring (=1,500mm).

Now the second ring is turned under and during this rotation the rings are connected by tackwelds. Following the procedure the two shell components are rotated and the circular seam is welded by a semi-automatic welding proces. This happens in the stationairy weatherproof welding booth. The speed of the tank rotation is controlled by the use of a frequency regulator which allows the exact rotation speed to be selected for the correct welding procedure. All subsequent ring necessary are added using the same procedure. CoilBuilding is a patented system.