about us

Oostwouder Tank&Silobouw BV is an undependent private company and allready has 30 years experience with building storage tanks and -silo’s. From 1990 our company is specialized in constructing stainless steel welded storage tanks.

Mid 80’s Oostwouder invented, developped, produced and patented the CoilBuilding system. We now have a well-known name among several big contracters, various tankstorage terminals, watertreatment companies and industrial clients.

Flexibility is an important, respected and recognized quality of Oostwouder Tank&Silobouw BV. Experienced during the execution of projects of complete tankfarms as well as one single tank. Projects are managed from own office from design up to final installationworks. We have experience in the designcodes of BS, DIN and API.

The CoilBuilding system is really a perfect method for erection stainless steel welded storage tanks on site. In the 90’s the company worked a lot on clients job site’s. That is the reason why our company basicly has an on-site outlook and a very strong project managent.

Because of the modern on-site regulations about labour and environment, clients prefer to ship storage tanks to their site. Our company recognized this change in the market and realized a beautifull industrial tankfactory. Located directly to the North-Holland Canal. During the works on job sites a lot of inventive experiences are gathered. All those experiences are concentrated within the production technologies now used in the tankfactory.